Chris’t’ian Swan concentrates on Guest Service & Guest Support in Bermuda and began operations Wednesday, May 11th, 2011. The company’s main base is in Bermuda. We are at the forefront to present and showcase the port and provide support to those who visit our shores. Chris’t’ian Swan's network of industry partners and guests can be found globally and in Bermuda.

Our position is to create bonds, connect cultures and provide comfort to those who visit our shores and those who choose to connect with us can be assured that they have a contact in port - And when they connect with us, not only do they become a part of the brand they are more than welcome to tell the word that they have a friend in Bermuda.

We’re not about standing behind the scene, we’re about being out on the scene - And the great thing about being out on the scene is that we’re out there with our industry partners and our guests.

Let Us, Introduce You is our tag-line and showcases our position between the two - our industry partners and our guests.

In addition to our performance in port, we’re driven with pride and passion to go outside the port and present and showcase what we have available to the world.

Chris't'ian Swan takes an altered approach to the way it charts its course to its concept and is positioned to concentrate and strengthen ones experience by way of Guest Service & Guest Support.

The presence of Chris't'ian Swan and its components truly shows our commitment to greater guest satisfaction.


This is the beginning of something great and we invite you to continue to visitchristianswan.comas we make something great, even greater.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, there is good change ahead.


Our Logo is far more than a Logo – We consider it our Recognition Symbol, a Symbol that has been tailored just for us.

Our Recognition Symbol has the letters C and S representing Chris’t’ian Swan, however the letters also stand for Commitment & Collaboration and Service & Support.

The C is situated alongside the S to showcase the caption that we are in this, together.


We encourage You to communicate with Us – And because Bermuda is open for business, we are too.

As on-line communication increases, we’re positioned for that market; however even with the increase of on-line communication – the experience with us will remain personal.

Our communication experience has two sub-components:

  • personal communication provides us the opportunity to communicate by telephone, etc
  • on-line communication provides us to the opportunity to communicate globally

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, we take pride in the way we communicate and encourage you to choose the communication experience that suites you.

In 1996 Chris’t’ian began visiting the ports to watch the cruise ships and talk to the passengers and crew. At that point he knew based on his attention to people he wanted to embark on a journey within leisure, tourism and travel. In 1997, he made a commitment that he wanted to be a part of an ever-changing people industry that focuses on those who visit our shores. In 1998, he started volunteering at the airport to greet our visitors and thank them for visiting Bermuda.

Chris’t’ian has accomplished so much and when one reviews his course, one would notice his journey is amazing. He admits, it has been a challenge to get to where he would like to be but through it all, he has hope. Hope that it will get better and better because everyone has the ability to contribute and create good change. If you ever get caught up him you will notice he is always ready to chat and share his enthusiasm and experience with the world. Out of the three professional tasks he's set for himself, two of the tasks are complete with one outstanding. Going into something and seeing people come and go can be a deterrent, but he continues to stand behind his commitment of being faithful and will continue to contribute and fall forward.

In addition to his commitment, he has shown that he has the ambition and passion too. Chris't'ian does what he can with the resources he has to present and welcome visitors to Bermuda. He strongly believes in collaboration and working together for the benefit of all of us and will roll up his sleeves to help get the job done.

Chris’t’ian’s background in leisure, tourism and travel has awarded him the opportunity of being a part of entry level and management teams. Also, his foundation and style has been built upon ‘front of house experience, customer / guest experience, safety and security, operations, leadership and people management.’
  • 1997 Introduction to the Premier of Bermuda
  • 1998 Featured in the Bermuda Sun
  • 1998 Joined the Visitor Industry Partnership
  • 1998 Joined the Visitor Information Center
  • 1998 Introduction to the Bermuda Department of Tourism
  • 1999 Joined Continental Airlines
  • 2000 Joined U.S Airways
  • 2000 Attended the Bermuda College
  • 2001  Contacted Royal Caribbean about an Internship and Scholarship Fund
  • 2001 Royal Caribbean approved the Internship and Scholarship Fund
  • 2002 Joined Carnival Cruise Lines
  • 2004 Joined Norwegian Cruise Line
  • 2005 Joined USA3000 Airlines
  • 2011 Launched Chris’t’ian Swan, a Guest Service & Guest Support Company
  • 2013 Launched Port Services, a component of Chris’t’ian Swan