As the President & CEO of Chris't'ian Swan, I am honored to have you as our Guest and privileged that you have chosen Chris't'ian Swan to be a part of your journey.

I take pride in the commitment of investing in the product, the facilities and the people who stand behind this operation.

With a standard in Guest Service & Guest Support, know that in everything, we will do it well.

As I share the joy of writing this Welcome Note, to you, our Guest - Let this be an engagement where nothing changes, except everything.

On behalf of all of us at Chris't'ian Swan, thank you for putting your trust in us.

Chris't'ian Swan President & CEO


I would like to take this opportunity to Welcome you to Bermuda.

In essence there should always be a balance between work and play, so while you're here, let Bermuda be your playground.

I’m tickled pink that you’re with us and invite you to visit our pink sand beaches, sightsee because there’s so much to see, shop till your hands are filled with shopping bags, dance to the rhythm of the gombey dancers, roll up your sleeves and dine like a resident and be social because we’re social too.

I hope your time with us is memorable and you’ll choose us over and over again making Bermuda your home away from home.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, enjoy your time with us.

Chris't'ian Swan President & CEO