Even before your arrival, we are standing at the forefront to help, provide support and act as a contact to those who are considering and/or visiting our shores.

It's always a given that someone in a new space will feel out of place, feel overwhelmed or just want to know about something. In addition, if you’re interested in a booking or need direction, we’re here. With us, there is no question that is too big or too small so roll-up your sleeves and don't be shy - Let us help.

On behalf of all of us at Chris't'ian Swan, go ahead - reach out and contact us.

This component will launch May 2014.
This component will launch May 2014.
A great dining experience should be about more than just the food and beverage, it should also be about the location and service.

Shore-Side Dining invites visitors to dine without spending too much on our shores. Each restaurant has a tailored menu for Shore-Side Dining for either breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. The rates are set and the price points are positioned to provide every visitor the opportunity to dine like a resident.

Price has a point and with Shore-Side Dining each of our participating restaurants have one of the following price points to choose from: price points to be added (excluding tax and gratuity and all rates are per person).

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, go ahead and dine with us.

This component will launch May 2014.

Port Services stands at the forefront to introduce, welcome and present the port experience to visitors on-board their vessels to enhance their Bermuda cruise vacation.

Our Hospitality Desk is available to all our visitors, both guests and/or crew showcasing the ports services with general Bermuda information, maps, etc.

Shore Excursion?! You arrive in Bermuda and still unsure of what to do – Before you do anything else, let’s get together and review your cruise line's shore excursion guide-line to determine if there is a perfect fit.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, we encourage you to enjoy the port as much as your ship.

Port Performance is our post-performance component for those who would like to share their port experience with us.

The port experience is important to us because we’re interested in how our guests enjoyed our shores.

In addition to reviewing the post-performance submissions, we also meet with our Industry Partners to review, evaluate and share our findings to ensure that we continuously raise the bar and take the best things forward so that each time you visit our shores, your experience is so much greater.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, thank you for visiting our shores.

This component will launch May 2014.
The port experience is filled with so much so while you’re with us, we encourage you to spend away.

Incentives has a selection of Industry Partners who are committed to offering you Incentives when you do business with them.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, go ahead and spend more on our shores.

This component will launch May 2014.
Let us be a part of your journey because we have a commitment in travel and when you include us, it’s better together.

Resident Travels concentrates on the following:
  • Brand Recognition of our international travel partners
  • Incentives on behalf of our international travel partners (when applicable)
  • Personal travel consultant for bookings, etc.
  • You need direction with a particular destination, our global destination contacts can help
  • Personal on-line airline check-in assistance (where and when applicable)
  • (we’ll meet with you and check you in for your flight up to twenty-four hours prior to departure)
  • Position yourself as a visitor and vacation with us; choose accommodations, attractions, etc.
On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, we show the world that our residents go places.

This component will launch May 2014.
It’s time to step up, stand out and showcase yourself to the world.

In the world of design and/or print let us work on your behalf to create something that would get you noticed. In today's world, you can no longer sit and hope for the best, you need to present the best. So let us take what you’re looking for and present it in design and/or print form.

It is not just about us, it is about you too and our design and print rates are set to meet the market so that everyone has an opportunity to get out there.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, be the talk of the town.

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We are here to tend to the people and provide a boost of encouragement and confirmation because we believe you can.

Time Out is positioned to focus on the good and showcase the good that is in you. We believe in encouraging and acknowledging your situation, taking the time out to evaluate your situation and assist in turning your situation around because there is good. To us, it is important to transition the bad to good and the good to great. In addition to our words, self-motivation is an important factor so go ahead and speak good words and great things to yourself.

In a world where there is so much negativity, let the negativity be a reason to showcase the positive.

On behalf of all of us at Chris’t’ian Swan, Yes You Can.
We're Good Global citizens who step forward to contribute to the places we live and work.

Global Good share's a sacrifice to create good change to better the standards of the world and honor its people - It's about selfless giving.

On behalf of our people and our partners, let this be an engagement where nothing changes, except everything.